Making social anxiety glamorous, Introflirt is a soundtrack for the insecure. As musicians and models, they’re confident and suave - there’s no doubt about that. But underneath the serious synth pop, classy aesthetics, and retro appeal, Introflirt is just as awkward as you. 

But isn’t awkwardness an obstacle? No, says Introflirt. It’s an advantage. Introflirt invites listeners to embrace the freedom that being comfortable with awkwardness allows. With Introflirt, being an outsider means being an insider. 

 With their suspenders and jumpsuits, Introflirt’s retro charm isn’t just a passive aesthetic choice. Their self-described “croonwave” style is a result of founder & singer Ben Benjamin spending countless weekends in an Oakland piano bar, honing his chops with mid-century jazz standards, realizing a vintage flair and rich vocal technique rarely heard in electronic music. Apply that to dark, shifty-eyed beats and swirling synth riffs - performed by Vafa - and you get croonwave. 

Vocals / Ben Benjamin
Synth / Vafa

"Never thought I'd say crooner, sexual, eclectic and synthtastic in the same phrase, but Introflirt combines all these things" - The Record Stache

“They are a formidable duo that is creating music that is both commanding and sexy as hell.” - Strawberry Tongue Radio

"It seems Introflirt have tapped into the next big thing in electronic music... and it’s a sound we’re enjoying." - Essentially Pop

"Beautifully bleak and bleakly beautiful." - Indie30

"Heavy bass-bled grooves and swathes of bittersweet synths are underpinned by slow-funk beats but it is Benjamin’s croon that dominates and elevates Introflirt’s music way above the usual synthpop fare." - Get Into This