Temporary Heaven is now OUT!!

Temporary Heaven is now out, released into the world during the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower. Thanks to everyone who has supported Introflirtpersonally & professionally - because of you, we're excited to present our finest work yet, eight tracks of high-powered croonwave. In the words of our darling poet Zach Kelly, "Never in our most secret of dreams did we think that here we'd arrive. The starline above and heavenly mirth, hands together, a solid crowd, an Introflirtation; Introflirt is now." Get Temporary Heaven digitally or on limited edition cassette.

Brand new Flirty treat! Live video of "Precious Thread."

Introflirt's performance of "Precious Thread" was captured on film at Life Changing Ministry in Oakland, California. The song is from our upcoming album Temporary Heaven, which is available to pre-order on our Bandcamp.

So much thanx goes to Devin Askounis at Lion Roar Productions for filming and editing, Don Bellenger of Tremor Low for lights and haze, & Brendan Dreaper for live sound & production of recorded audio. Special thanx to J Shelley Harrison & Iso Murillo for styling & makeup. Introflirt is Ben Benjamin, Vafa, Brendan Dreaper, & YOU.

Our very own Ben Benjamin was featured in Spanish magazine Revista The 13th's special David Bowie. The issue is amazing, and features some photos of Bowie we've never seen before.

Read it by clicking on this here sentence right here. And for those of you who don't do Spanish, here's the original English version: 

   "As known and accepted as Bowie is - and for as many artists as he influenced - he was still an outsider. A singularity in that he was most inspired by himself and certain specific aspects of his personality, Bowie's strongest message was not a musical or aesthetic one. He demonstrated the vibrancy of following the true self - an ever-changing frequency that is not bound by patterns or constructs. Bowie's direct connection to his personality - and his desire to share what he saw in himself - was the loudest note that continues to send ripples through what we consider possible." - Ben Benjamin